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Strategic planning can help with post-divorce finances

If there is a possibility of divorce, California couples may want to take precautionary measures to protect their finances. This is especially important when there is a potential disparity of earning potential between spouses. For some couples, the process will involve focusing on re-employment. For others, it will be necessary to gather complete information on marital assets. A few simple strategies can help make sure the playing field is level, even when acrimony ensues between spouses.

Keeping assets separate in case of divorce

California couples who are getting married might not want to think about the possibility of divorce. However, taking steps for financial self-protection in case of divorce is really no different from any other safety precaution. Couples who are not yet married can specify in a prenuptial agreement what property and debts they want to keep separate if they divorce.

Divorce and a place to live

Settling on a place to live during a divorce and afterwards can be a difficult decision for some California residents who are ending their marriage. The usual options include remaining in the current home, renting a home or purchasing a new place. There are multiple factors to consider before making a final decision about where to live.

Is your prenup vulnerable to a legal challenge?

Prenuptial agreements play a massive role during the property division process of a divorce. They can also play a crucial role during the marriage itself. Having a prenuptial agreement is an important part of marriage nowadays, and it can take a lot of stress out of a high-asset marriage too. However, couples that have prenups often incorrectly believe that the document is immune to a legal challenge. This simply isn't so.

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