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The approach to co-parenting after divorce is changing

California parents may have more options for child custody arrangements than they did in the past. Traditionally, mothers were often awarded primary custody, and fathers spent alternate weekends and perhaps a week night with their children. However, with research showing that children benefit from more time with their fathers after a divorce even if it causes some disruption in their schedule, parents are making more of an effort to share parenting duties.

Custodial interference could qualify for legal action

In most cases, separated parents in California adhere to their child custody schedules. People usually negotiate small temporary changes, such as a parent taking a child on a trip or delaying a transfer because of bad weather, without any trouble. Custodial interference, however, represents purposeful violations of a custody agreement. In those situations, a parent might petition a court to enforce a custody agreement or set up supervised visitation. Reporting a problem to law enforcement could also be necessary in some cases.

Navigating shared parenting in child custody cases

When California parents of young children go through a divorce, the primary concern is often how to handle child custody. There are many commonly held perceptions about shared parenting and its effect on children that can undermine positive efforts to achieve a workable custody schedule. While decisions about custody are generally framed as being in the best interests of the child, the phrase can be vague and unclear.

Collaboration leads to healther divorce outcomes

California parents headed for divorce court may be able to avoid an ugly fight if both parties are focused and make use of available resources. In the middle of a painful divorce, there could be temptation to extract revenge through the legal system, but doing so often puts children in the middle of a dispute between the two people they love the most. No divorce is pleasant, but keeping focus on the children involved will generally improve the actions and decisions of the parents during even the most unpleasant breakups. Learning to work together with the goal of child welfare allows parents to get past the hurt and work toward a common goal.

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