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The approach to co-parenting after divorce is changing

California parents may have more options for child custody arrangements than they did in the past. Traditionally, mothers were often awarded primary custody, and fathers spent alternate weekends and perhaps a week night with their children. However, with research showing that children benefit from more time with their fathers after a divorce even if it causes some disruption in their schedule, parents are making more of an effort to share parenting duties.

Custodial interference could qualify for legal action

In most cases, separated parents in California adhere to their child custody schedules. People usually negotiate small temporary changes, such as a parent taking a child on a trip or delaying a transfer because of bad weather, without any trouble. Custodial interference, however, represents purposeful violations of a custody agreement. In those situations, a parent might petition a court to enforce a custody agreement or set up supervised visitation. Reporting a problem to law enforcement could also be necessary in some cases.

Accuracy important when dividing retirement funds

Retirement funds can often be the largest single asset at stake in a divorce for couples in California who have decided to end their marriages. Because these accounts are so critical to the financial future and security of both parties, dealing with them can be one of the most contentious issues in divorce negotiations. Indeed, in a 2016 survey, 62 percent of divorce lawyers identified retirement accounts as one of the most difficult issues for their clients to address.

Keeping assets separate in case of divorce

California couples who are getting married might not want to think about the possibility of divorce. However, taking steps for financial self-protection in case of divorce is really no different from any other safety precaution. Couples who are not yet married can specify in a prenuptial agreement what property and debts they want to keep separate if they divorce.

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