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The use of a property division checklist can help

Are you staring down the barrel at the divorce process? Are you just now beginning to learn more about property division and what to expect?

In the event of a high net worth divorce, you can expect to have many questions in regard to what will happen to your assets in the near future. On one side of things, you'll do whatever it takes to get your fair share of property. Conversely, you know that your soon to be ex-spouse has the same intentions.

This is why a property division checklist is so important. You want to be prepared from the start, as this will help you avoid mistakes in the future.

In addition to creating your own property division checklist, keep close tabs on what the other party is doing. You want to make sure he or she doesn't try to hide anything from the court.

Here are the primary categories to include in your property division checklist:

  • Real property. This includes everything from the family home to rental properties to undeveloped land.
  • Personal property. It's often the most extensive category, as it includes personal property ranging from coin collections to furniture to home electronics.
  • Financial assets. A category that receives a lot of attention, this includes cash, bank accounts, retirement accounts, pensions, stocks, bonds and more.
  • Business assets. If you have an interest in any type of business, it could come into play during your divorce. You need to know if this will be the case, as most people find that they will do whatever it takes to protect their business.

A property division checklist will go a long way in keeping you organized. It will also help you avoid a situation in which you overlook something that should be brought to the attention of the court.

With a property division checklist in hand, as well as in-depth knowledge of divorce and the way the court system works, you'll feel more confident in your ability to obtain the assets you deserve. And hopefully you can move through this step without too much hassle or stress.

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