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Tips for dividing retirement accounts during divorce

When a couple in California decides to get a divorce, they will probably need to divide their property. This might include a retirement account that was originally intended to cover both spouses. Depending on the sort of account, the division process may be simple or more complex.

Are fathers' rights changing enough when it comes to custody?

There was a time when mothers had a distinct advantage when seeking custody of their children. Courts made decisions based on the assumption that mothers were positioned better to keep the kids, not fathers. Fathers who wanted to stay heavily involved in their children's lives had a difficult time after divorcing.

Is your prenup vulnerable to a legal challenge?

Prenuptial agreements play a massive role during the property division process of a divorce. They can also play a crucial role during the marriage itself. Having a prenuptial agreement is an important part of marriage nowadays, and it can take a lot of stress out of a high-asset marriage too. However, couples that have prenups often incorrectly believe that the document is immune to a legal challenge. This simply isn't so.

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