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Oakland Certified Family Law Specialist


Amazing experience!! Knowledgeable and she has a great rapport and reputation with fellow lawyers and judges. She was able to get more then I had expected and with grace and a fierce advocacy. I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone. She has two other lawyers in her office who were also very helpful and up to the skill set that I have grown to love and expect from this law firm. I was fully taken care of from my first phone call inquiring information to the fantastic resolution of my case. Worth every dime. Everyone in this office is so helpful and left me feeling as if I was fully taken care of and supported. Something I personally needed to walk into court feeling strong and ready.

— Parrish B., Oakland, CA

Hannah is the best: sharp, savvy, serious, and really a very kind woman. I have been so grateful to have her on my side, I am not sure words even cover it...It really isn't kids play, the way these things go is often not what you would expect, you have to play smart....hopefully, none of you have my awful divorce, but if you do....call Hannah NOW!!

— Joie L., Oakland, CA

 A friend of mine recommended Hannah to me and I was highly impressed. Hannah herself is amazing, but most importantly, her team approach with her associates is fantastic. You get three different legal perspectives with stellar credentials and experience.

— Milad Y., Berkeley, CA

After much research, a few interviews, and four years of experience with a previous family law attorney, I finally found a gem: Hannah Sims Attorney at Law. I knew that she was aggressive, talented, and that she was considered a top family lawyer from recommendations. I did not know that she would also have deep compassion, and have a keen eye for the well-being of the child who is in the midst of a custody battle.

— A. Z., Oakland, CA

 Ms. Hannah Sims will knock your socks off with precision and insight. She has true talents and gifts of assessing her audience and delivering advice and information in an amazingly accurate way. If you need someone highly skilled, talk to Hannah. Solid as a rock.

— Cheryl R., Oakland, California

Hannah was recommended to me by a friend at a time of great crisis. I had been the victim of severe domestic violence and needed to respond to a divorce petition and file the paperwork for a restraining order while having no access to my resources. Hannah "got it" right away and focused on what was most important (the safety of me and my children) and took care of business. As many women would be in my situation, I was confused and scared. She encouraged me to take care of myself and not blame myself; I was only able to do this because I knew she was handling the legal part of things. As stated in her other review (filtered, why?), she is an angel in the courtroom. Judges love her, custody recommenders love her, even the opposing parties love her. She knows how to navigate the red tape and the emotions and get things done.

There isn't a more effective lawyer out there. Hannah also knows all there is to know about taxes and financial stuff, which is very helpful in separation and divorce. But more than that, it was because of Hannah that I was able to start down the path of healing and recovery and be a better parent to my children. Anyone who has experienced trauma in their life will understand that this is a gift more valuable than any legal service.

— Jelly F., Berkeley, California

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