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domestic abuseDomestic violence is an ugly aspect of any relationship where a partner uses power and control over the other. Addressing such complex and emotional issues requires an attorney possessing an in-depth understanding of the full cycle of domestic violence. Our attorneys are educated in the field of domestic violence and understand that it is part of a cycle and is not situation-specific.

Domestic violence is a learned behavior, which makes it especially important that parents who are perpetrators of domestic violence get appropriate help to stop the cycle. Failure to properly intervene can result in the perpetrator moving from one relationship to the next as a batterer. The impact on a child who grows up in a home where there is domestic violence is devastating. Many lawyers and members of the judiciary do not comprehend the entire cycle.

At the Sims Family Law Group, APC, we understand that domestic violence goes beyond the physical altercation that occurs after a marriage gone bad. We focus on getting to the facts and protecting your rights whether you are the victim or the accused.

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Attorney Hannah Sims, the founder of our law firm, is a Certified Family Law Specialist and a former legal director of the Family Violence Law Center. She was trained to serve as a domestic violence advocate prior to earning her law degree. She conducted continuing education seminars on the "Power and Control Wheel" and has worked with Northern California residents dealing with the aftermath of emotional and physical abuse. Molly Laughlin, likewise, has considerable experience in the domestic violence arena. The pairing of Hannah's training and Molly's experience has resulted in outstanding verdicts for our clients.

While protecting victims is an important part of our domestic violence legal practice, we also understand that the laws established to protect victims can be improperly used and lead to false allegations. For clients who are accused of this serious crime, we communicate the ramifications to them beyond the civil and criminal penalties. Child custody arrangements can be drastically affected when the court makes a finding that one of the parents is a perpetrator of domestic violence. Getting to the facts is paramount to protect both the alleged abuser's rights and the best interests of your children.

Do not wait. Take immediate action if you are a victim of spousal abuse or are accused of domestic violence.

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